Raining again?

 Need to dry laundry while you are out but it is raining again? Now you can with Cliff Hanger the easy to use laundry rack that attaches to your garage door. Why the garage door and not any other door. Heat! Thermal transfer of heat from the sun on your garage door helps dry your laundry fast than conventional door and floor laundry racks. Use Cliff Hanger instead of your power hungry tumble dryer, be kind to the planet and decrease your families carbon foot print. Out of the way and out of sight Cliff Hanger dries your laundry while allowing the garage panel door to open and close unhindered. Cliff hanger clips into the panel and by using the side panels your car can come and go without having to move the laundry. Easy to assemble and fit almost anyone can do it. Cliff Hanger complex comes ready assembled and in 100% stainless steel. Making it a one off purchase that will last and last. 

We were inspired to invent Cliff Hanger by a man who just could not get used to our wet climate and asked if I could make something for him to dry his laundry on those rainy days. We did and the Cliff Hanger was born. Walking past his garage door the inventor realized that the heat from the door could be useful to dry laundry. He also realized that if it was constructed in a concave effect it would be easy to electronically monitor the humidity and you would be able to tell when your laundry was ready by using a sensor that reports to an App on your phone. With no need for laundry pegs hanging laundry couldn't be simpler.

Cliff Hanger's concave design rests the laundry on the cross members and as the door opens and then closes the items are kept away from the door surface and returned to the position that they were in when the door was closed. Cliff Hanger is striving to become the green friendly alternative to an electrical tumble dryer. The heating system can be linked to a smart plug that you can control through Alexa. Alexa will turn the dehumidifier on or off for you on command. So no problem if you left the dehumidifier system on and you are out and about. Just open the Alexa App and tell Alexa to turn it off. After that open the smart life App on your phone and read the humidity level to see how dry your laundry is. Not dry yet? Tell Alexa to turn the dehumidifier on again. So convenient and good for the planet! 

Cliff Hanger Complex Deluxe

Five Stainless Steel bars

Cliff Hanger Accessories


Length 1 M

Attachment legs 800mm With adjustment holes to position cloths lines or stainless steel rods with wing nuts

Smart kit - WIFI module, WIFI plug, Blue Tooth humidity and temperature sensor, Heating System 

Non panel door fixing kit - Four magnets and screws

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